10 Easter Eggs in Video Games which are dumb yet hilarious

Some easter eggs are just so ridiculous it’s difficult to even understand why they’re there and yet they give you a darn good laugh hi folks, today on reviewfavorite 10 dumb yet hilarious easter eggs in video games

List of 10 Easter Eggs

Talos principle Easter Egg: Don’t Look Up


It’s don’t look up from the Talos principle let’s start this off with a perfect example of the kind of thing.

We’re talking about here the Talos principles game packed with easter eggs there’s an absolute ton of them and a lot of them are pretty goofy in general but if there’s one secret in this game that we would describe as hilariously dumb it’s this one found in world b7.

This hidden thing is found by looking toward the pyramid from the entrance and finding this little obelisk it’s got a palm tree beside it and if you look closely you can see there’s a note on the tree.

That says don’t look up so duh you’re gonna look up now if there’s one thing video games do it gives you situations that if you’re smart you do the opposite of what you’re supposed to do like in a lot of platforming games you’re constantly moving to the right whether it’s Mario sonic or whatever.

And sometimes there’s just something that makes it look like you should go left in this one spot this is the Talos principles version of that, uh when you look up it’s not like a jump scare or a screamer or anything.

Like that obviously, it feels like it could be but it’s actually the dumbest thing you can imagine a coconut falls on your head and blurs your vision for a few seconds and that’s it it’s totally pointless but it’s just so blunt and silly we can’t help a laugh at it.

Infinite hole: Stanley Parable


And number nine on the list of 10 hilarious easter eggs is the infinite hole from the Stanley parable ultra-deluxe.

In terms of effort, it’s the polar opposite of the previous one though it  Doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly dumb.

Because it is but the level of work they put into creating something so dumb and pointless is awe-inspiring like you could kind of say that about the entire game Stanley parable ultra deluxe is uh upgraded remake of the original game and this is spoilers.

But most of the new content revolves around if you’re carrying a bucket or not this is a this is a game that swings for the fences with dumb stuff and this secret’s actually one of the best unlike most of the other secrets in the game it doesn’t even lead to an ending.

And it’s fairly easy to miss at a certain point in the game you get the opportunity to try out the infinity hole a hole that’s not quite as infinite as the uh narrator implies every time you fall in the hole gets smaller until it’s barely lower than the ground.

You’re started on and if you wait around inside this shallow hole Long enough something starts to happen the hole starts lowering you can change your perspective move the camera can change your reality to change the background images.

Like sometimes uh it’s stock footage of puppies you can change yourself into different models made specifically for this one moment in the entire game models that appear literally nowhere else.

It’s all just a dream in the end because they had to end the sequence Somehow drifting away into dreamland but we can’t have that Stanley.

Because this hole is just so darn fascinating that I want you to be wide awake for every second of it you don’t want to miss a single moment it’s so bizarre to see something so high effort as a reward for doing something so dumb like standing around in place in a hole for a little too long but yeah that’s the kind of game Stanley parable is and always has Been

Tiny Car Easter Egg


And number eight is the tiny car.

In just cause four, this is another series it’s just got an absolute ton of easter eggs and ef4 isn’t necessarily the best game in the series.

It does have some of our favorite easter eggs from any game at all period in it of course there’s the famous stuff that we’ve talked about before like the cow gun or the aha music video secret.

But there’s one I don’t think that’s actually come up on this  Channel before the toy off-roader now this easter egg is unusual because it was actually added to the game post-launch that’s probably why a lot of people miss it it’s hidden in the main city of the game near the stunt ramp by the stadium.

Like a lot of easter eggs in this game finding this stuff is basically impossible without some kind of guide so it’s fairly easy to miss just like all this stuff it goes without saying Rico looks ridiculous driving around in this thing.

To make the whole thing even dumber it can accelerate like crazy which can quickly make it almost impossible to steer it’s completely useless and definitely just in the game to be goofy.

And in that way, the tiny off-roader serves its purpose pretty well.

Gears of War hilarious Easter Eggs

And number seven on the list of 10 hilarious easter eggs in gears of war.

Judging the bucket head locusts it can be easy to forget but the gears game actually has a lot of pretty great easter eggs hidden in them.

For this list we’re going to talk about one of the lesser-known ones from judgment okay so it’s actually from the aftermath of the little bonus campaign that comes packed in with judgment which is confusing, to say the least, but yeah it’s whatever.

It’s a pretty simple easter egg at least so at a certain point in section five of the campaign called straight to the top you can find three buckets hidden around the environment.

You shoot all three get to the rooftop then all the locust enemies appear up there wearing buckets on their heads and having little smiley faces drawn on them.

That’s kind of goofy but what really takes it from mildly amusing to hilarious are the characters reacting to this easter egg easter eggs shoot these bucket heads I don’t know there’s just something funny about the characters reacting to dumb easter eggs like they’re a real thing.

Teddy: Dying Light


At number six is a teddy in dying light.

Another one similar to number 10 is basic very stupid but very funny all you have to do is find this pink teddy bear in the kindergarten on the second main map old town.

According to the wiki you need to start the Rupert the gunsmith mission actually to access this area but once you do you should be pretty good all you have to do is poke the bear’s nose nothing really seems to happen.

But  If you keep doing it the bear’s expression gets more and more evil and the eyes get redder until it just finally explodes leave me alone don’t touch me stop it.

Why what’s the point it’s just the game trolling it really doesn’t matter you do get a special grenade out of the deal the stasis field projector which is pretty fun to mess around with actually has nothing to do with explosive pink teddy bears.

Obviously but uh yeah it’s better than nothing.

Tannis Riding the fish


And number five tannis riding the fish.

In borderlands 3 an easter egg that takes dumb to the next level for whatever reason there’s a running gag in the borderland games about Tanis.

The eccentric scientist character riding a fish it’s in borderlands 3 and it is exactly as stupid as it sounds to trigger it you have to go from west to the rogue’s hollow fast travel station until you get to a shore with a bunch of different explosive barrels around a mouthful.

But it’s there the trick is you have to shoot five of the elemental barrels in a specific order which is fired then corrosive then electric then radiation.

And lastly the cryo barrel  you do it right Thomas will appear on a boat and a just hilariously bad animation will play out where she’s attacked by fish capsize and the whole thing ends with her riding on a fish.

It’s real it really happens in the game for whatever reason at this point they’re making it as crappy as possible on purpose too like there are much more elaborate easter eggs in the game.

But if you want one this is straight-up dumb and like is gonna make you laugh because it’s that dumb and that badly made intentionally so they don’t get a lot dumber than this this is the dumb Essence of dumb.

Dying Light Easter Egg

Next on the list of 10 hilarious easter eggs number four dying light.

Two’s spacecock like the first game dying light 2 is also loaded with easter eggs in a continuation of the joke introduced in the first one there’s an entire quest dedicated to a space chicken.

It’s pretty well hidden of course but it is very very goofy and best of all it’s a full-blown quest so your main guy actually talks to a space chicken just starting the quest is tricky it’s hidden deep inside the renegade base.

And it only becomes available to explore after you’ve beaten the game like it’s basically a maze but if you explore around enough you can find a door that was previously locked inside in a long hallway.

That leads to the chicken who you will find in a bird cage and tells you a long nonsensical story and yes the quest is really called spacecock.

Yes, that’s pretty much uh how I get to say that word here too  That’s what does it so he sends you out to get the spaceship parts which brings you to this hilariously crappy-looking spaceship.

You get a part you have to give back to him then he asks you if you want to go to space with him before leaving in a flash of electricity.

The whole thing is so dumb but also very elaborate probably the funniest part is hearing your main guy’s incredulous reaction to the whole thing too um and you can’t blame him, Bernick, I’m still here maybe another time.

Talking Hippo: Hitman 3


At on the list of 10 hilarious easter eggs, number three is the talking hippo from hitman 3.

The recent hitman games have had some pretty uh wild secrets let’s just say but probably the strangest one is this talking hippo.

That appears in the mission apex predator, uh the berlin one getting him to appear actually isn’t that difficult but it’s pretty damn random first you need a gold idol that’s in the safe in an office on level two.

To get that you input the code 1989 you take the idol you find this unused section of the map with a lawn chair sitting in front of a little pond you throw the idol onto the chair and for whatever reason.

That makes this hippo appear so you just sit in the chair and the Hypnos starts talking it’s inexplicable it’s totally bizarre.

And it’s hilarious as well what is this thing even talking about like let’s be really clear I don’t know I don’t have any idea, anyone when the wine is poured the blood will flow don’t dance the dance of death don’t trust anyone.

Secret Football glory match

On number two is the secret football glory match from Sirius Samford.

The makers of Sirius sam crow team also worked on the Talos principle and like that game, this one’s got a ton of weird secrets but one of the most memorably goofy ones is this for some reason called the secret football glory match it triggers on the mission one for the road.

And when you get to the city where Kenny is that’s when you can get behind this concrete wall and find yourself inside a football stadium.

That’s when the message triggers a bunch of serious sam clones spawn who face off against a bunch of guys called metal mates and they play football.

Yeah for some reason watching all these Ais try to roll a ball around it’s goofy as hell it is not impressive.

Like it’s a bunch of glitch puppets shuffling around looking foolish so dumb so so dumb but some of the best serious same easter eggs make you laugh anyway.

Music Video: Saint’s Row

Next, on the list of 10 hilarious easter eggs finally at number one.

The music video in red faction before really making a name for themselves with the saint’s row games volition wasn’t exactly making goofy games.

But a lot of humor that would be front and center in saints row is still found in their older games like this easter egg for example which as far as I’m aware can only be found by digging through the pc version’s files.

You go to data and then movies you find the expected cut scenes like the intro the thq logo at the end and a trailer from one of their other games called summoner.

But there’s also something called techno chunk and with a name like that has  Gotta be dumb and yes it is it is extremely dumb it’s a music video created with the stock animations of enemy grunts very cheap looking very awkward like it’s so dumb and it’s just hidden in their files.

It’s almost a wonder why it exists I don’t know but it is very funny in a youtube poop kind of the way it reminds me of those goofy older videos that got really popular after the source filmmaker first came out it’s dumb as hell but it’s amazing.

That’s all from the list of 10 hilarious easter eggs for today leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

You can also reach out to us on Twitter.

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