All Destiny 2 season 18 week 8 challenges list

All Destiny 2 season 18 week 8 challenges list

The seasonal challenges of Destiny 2 are coming to an end with each week passing one by one. So here, are the Destiny 2 season 18 week 8 all six challenges list.

The Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2 Season 18 are almost on the verge of ending with each passing week.

The eighth week of the season brings six challenges, one fewer than usual.

The story will also end with a cutscene as everyone prepares for the Festival of the Lost on October 18th.

The next six Seasonal Challenges feature multiple objectives related to the story and activities of the Season.

Players must defeat champions in Ketchcrash while reaching the 1580 cap this season.

Other challenges also involve players running around with different weapons to calibrate.

The following article will list all six upcoming seasonal challenges in week 8 of Season 18 and how to complete them easily.

List of all Destiny 2 season 18 week 8 challenges

1) Antiquarian VIII


The Plunder seasonal questline is finally ending with a reset, however, there are still some challenges that players need to complete like the Antiquarian Challenge.

The steps include the usual expedition, pirate hunts to salvage relics, and an expected cutscene that will serve as an epilogue.

As a bonus objective, the challenge also asks players to defeat champions throughout the system.

However, if you do this within Ketchcrash and Expeditions, you will get additional progress.

Each Expedition can offer a maximum of two Ruffians, which will work very well with Master Ketchcrash Runs.

  • Relics required: 8 (retroactive)
  • Champion kills required: 25
  • Rewards: Repute and Challenger XP+

2) Sextant Navigator II


In order to complete this challenge, players need to collect different map fragments and treasure coordinates throughout the season.

This is not retroactive, so all players will need to re-acquire the resources specifically for this challenge.

Players can get the map fragments by completing the Ketchcrash while treasure coordinates drop from around the system.

Some of the best places for the latter are Heroic Public Events, Vanguard Strikes, Nightfall, wellspring, and Seasonal Armor Gear.

  • Map Fragments required: 160
  • Treasure Coordinates required: 1,600
  • Rewards: Repute and Challenger XP+

3) Barrage


To complete this challenge, the player will have to fight and defeat the champions and bosses in the Ketchcrash activities.

For this challenge, it is recommended to run the master version of Ketchcrash with a full team of six players.

Each run will drop both Barrier and Overload champions. , while Ketchcrash focuses on fallen enemies.

However, all three elemental shields will be present here, putting pressure on Guardians to choose their gear carefully to balance both champion mods and shield counts.

  • Number of elite kills required: 12
  • Rewards: Challenger XP++

4) Pinnacle


Each Guardian must reach the 1580 cap this season to complete the challenge.

Main Activities include Weekly Playlist Activities, Raid, Rotating Activities, Dungeon, Wellspring, Preservation, Vox Obscura, Dares of Eternity, and Wellspring.

  • Power required: 1580
  • Rewards: Challenger XP+++ and Bright Dust

5) Hold the Trigger

hold-the-trigger-Destiny-2 season 18 week 8 challenges

This challenge requires players to calibrate machine guns, handguns, and scout rifles anywhere in the system.

A progression bonus is awarded when defeating multiple enemies.

  • Progress required: 180
  • Rewards: Challenger XP++ and Bright Dust

6) Intended Mischief

intended-mischief-Destiny-2 season 18 week 8 challenges

This final challenge requires players to obtain the Drifter’s Cry Mutiny Gambit skin.

To do this, your reputation must be reset twice.

The best time to do this is during an Infamy Boost week, as each match completion has a reputation multiplier.

  • Gambit ornament required: 1
  • Rewards: Challenger XP+++ and Bright Dust
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