All Mysterious Clipboard locations in Sumeru Desert

In this short article, we will cover all the known locations of the Mysterious Clipboard locations in the Sumeru Desert.

The launch of Sumeru’s desert region has delivered many new World Quests to Genshin Impact, which may be accessed in many ways.

One of those ways is while your interact with an NPC person with a blue exclamation mark, and the other way is by doing certain actions.

Static Views is a World Quest that falls below the second category.

The event begins when players examine a mailbox outside Aranara’s house in Vanarana and collect an image.

With the latest Sumeru Desert patch, more such images have been added to the game.

These reveal locations where players can find hidden treasure chests that can be claimed for some rewards.

Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard locations in Sumeru Desert

Static Views is the new hidden world quest that players can start by collecting a picture present inside the mailbox in front of one of Aranara’s houses.

In the version 3.0 update, the World Quest is split into two parts, and both of these parts contains collection of images.

Gamers can obtain a picture with every daily reset (up to a maximum of 10).

These can then be found on the Mysterious Clipboard page in the Aranyaka book.

The latest Genshin Impact Patch 3.2 update has updated more slots for images in Aranyaka’s mysterious clipboard.

Although five new slots have been added, only the top three slots are accessible in the current version of the game.

The three accessible locations are randomly located in the Sumeru Desert.

Location 11: Aaru Village


Genshin Impact fans must start with Aaru Village to find the eleventh location of the mysterious clipboard in the Sumeru desert area.

To find the clipboard players need to teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Aaru Village and look for a bright spot on the right side of the road to the village as shown in the image above.

The treasure chest will be buried under the sand, so use Anemo attacks to clear the sand and collect the treasure chest.

Location 12: North of Sobek Oasis


In order to find treasure chest number 12 on the mysterious clipboard, you need to teleport to the northeast waypoint and head north from there.

Look for a dry tree like the one in the image above with a bright dot next to it. Once again, the treasure chest will be buried under the excess sand, so use Anemo’s attacks to get it.

Location 13: Ruins east of Sobek Oasis


Finally, the location of the number 13 mysterious clipboard in Sumeru Desert Genshin Impact brings you east of Sobek’s Oasis.

Teleport to the east waypoint of Sobek Oasis like in the image above.

Head south to find the dirt road and start traveling to go north to the ruins.

You need to look out for a bright spot on the way to the ruins as shown in the image above.

Use Anemo’s attacks to clear the sand and reveal the treasure chest to get its rewards.

Those who want a visual guide to find these mysterious clipboard locations can check out this excellent video by KyonStiV.

Players can continue to collect two more pictures from the Vanarana mailbox, but their locations cannot be accessed in the current version of Genshin Impact.

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