Astralis Spike Sexual Assault accusation : Everything we know so far

Astralis Spike Sexual Assault accusation, the CS: GO pro has been accused of sexual assault by a former teammate Kaia‘ KiKi’ Holmen. Here is everything we know so far about the accusation.

Kiki took to Twitter to share the incident that allegedly happened back in May 2020.

According to Kiki, SPike was very unwelcoming with her during their stay in Poland Bootcamp.

The CS: GO player also claimed that Spike urged her to “kiss her goodnight” and inappropriately touched her without asking for her consent.

While sharing the incident she says:

Worst night I have had.”

CS: GO pro KiKi accuses Selin “Spike” of sexual assault

On October 8, 2022, “KiKi” Holmen posted a twitlonger on his official Twitter account explaining the alleged incident.

The CS: GO pro detailed how she decided to “take one for the team” and agreed to share her room with “Spike” Sinem to make room for the photo team.

The following account reportedly took place on May 3, 2020.

In her accusations she mentions that after taking a couple of shots with the team she went straight to bed and shortly after that, spike started asking her to make out.

Despite repeated denials, the accused allegedly continued to insist. Annoyed, KiKi finally agreed and gave him a “kiss goodnight” to prevent his advances.

However, this reportedly culminated in Spike inappropriately touching her without consent.

KiKi told her to back off and reiterated that she had “no interest” in having relation with her. The CS: GO pro noted:

“I kept saying that I was just not interested in her that way and that I didn’t want to have s*x with her, especially not with teammates. She didn’t want to listen.”

She also mentions that she had to scream to save herself:

“Again the same happened, where she started to touch me everywhere, but this time she was more on me. I tried multiple times to say no, but she just won’t stop touching me untill I started yelling and screaming at her that I didn’t want to and that she had to respect it. I screamed that this is not okay and that I did not want to. She then just keep her mouth shut and went to sleep.”

In her accusation twit longer she also mentions how another teammate tried to cover up the incident and that she is writing this to warn other female creators.

“I know that the girls are covering up for spike, saying it never happened and that I am full of lies. But it really is words against words on this. I know that something like this is really difficult to prove, as you obviously don’t film something like this happening. We only really talked about it at the bootcamp, and it was never brought up again after that. I do have some screenshots of chats the following days, but it’s not 100% proof. So I understand why some would doubt it.

Furthermore, she has informed Astralis about the incident. However, the organization is yet to act on this information. The CS: GO player explained:

“I have also informed Astralis about what happened. I don’t know what they did with the information, but at least they know. I am not coming out with what happened out of jealousy or saltiness. I am doing this to warn others as it might happen again to someone else.”

You can read the full Astralis Spike Sexual Assault accusation Twitlonger here


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