Censor Call of Duty hackers list – Exposed Hackers?

Call of Duty competitive player Censor threatens to make the hackers list provided by a cheat service provider public and expose everyone on the list.

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin is a big name in the Call of Duty community but despite having such a big fan base he has not really managed to get into the COD league so far.

He’s not incompetent in the game though: he has regularly been the number one player in the Top 250 of Vanguard ranked play, fighting off the advances of cheaters to keep them as far down the rankings as possible.

As we all know Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are right around the corner.

And somehow Censor has received a hackers list having names of players who have cheated on Call of Duty.

Having such crucial information he is now threatening everyone that he might expose them.

Censor Call of Duty hackers list

Posting to Twitter, Censor said: “I have a list of multiple people who have downloaded cheats over the past year directly from the cheating source. Should I start exposing?”

And if you think he is just messing around then let us tell you he is not.

He read one name from the list and that player went on to make his account private.

“I definitely want to expose all these cheaters,” he said. “It’s ridiculous. It’s anyone who downloaded cheats from January 1 until today [September 26]. Everything’s going to get exposed because I just don’t care. When I get this information, it needs to be used properly. F**k you if you’re a cheater. You are a loser and you will get exposed.”

However, it is still unclear how he has gotten that crucial information, was it by checking who has joined the discord server recently or by some other means, it is still unclear.

That said, if anybody has used this particular cheating provider (Censor didn’t reveal which), the Boston Breach Challengers star is on the case.

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