Control 2 release date: Everything we know so far

Control 2 release date: Remedy games the developer of Control 2 recently made clear that they are working on a sequel of the 2019’s highly underrated horror-action game Control.

Control never became a huge action-adventure game despite being one of the best AAA titles out there, because of its shallow marketing.

During last year’s The Game Awards, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director, Sam Lake, announced that the studio was hard at work on the highly anticipated sequel to Alan Wake.

The Control 2 confirmation came out of nowhere for the fans of the original game.

Control 2 release date: Story and connection to Alan Wake

1) The setting

Remedy Entertainment has always been keen to create games that, while based on reality, contain some overwhelming psychological or sci-fi elements.

These elements not only affect the story but also the gameplay.

The studio has never disappointed its fans whether it be the dark and gritty noir atmosphere in Max Payne or the time-bending sci-fi action in Quantum Break.

The studio has always been coming up with innovative ideas to make its games more fun and engaging to its fans.

With Control being its biggest project yet, Remedy Entertainment pushed the envelope even further.

It delivered a surrealistic setting that parallelled that of modern horror games and paired it with the frantic action-heavy gameplay that the studio is best known for.

As Control 2 will have a direct connection to the original Control, there is no pain in saying that it might contain the same level of surrealism and mystery as the 2019’s Control.

2) The story

2019 Control follows the story of Jesse Faden, who stumbles upon the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) while searching for her long-lost brother, Dylan.

The FBC is a mysterious organization dedicated to rooting out and containing the supernatural.

As soon as Jesse enters the office, some mysterious events take place and she is appointed as the new director of FBC.

This gives you the “Service Weapon”, a weapon that changes shape and can morph into different types of firearms, from a regular revolver to a highly damaging grenade launcher.

In addition to the service weapon, Jesse also gains a wealth of supernatural abilities, including levitation, telekinesis, and the ability to mind-control enemies.

The narrative mainly revolves around the fall of FBC at the hands of the antagonistic force known as “Hiss”.

At its core, it is the story of Jesse as she searches for information about the agency, her abilities, and her long-lost brother.

In typical Remedy Entertainment fashion, the story has a number of twists and turns throughout its short 10-12 hour runtime.

While it wraps up quite well in the end, some loose threads remain unanswered even after the two post-launch story DLCs.

Certain narrative threads appear to have been intentionally left open.

This includes the past and true identities of Dr. Casper Darling, the board, former FBC director Zachariah Trench, and Jesse himself.

However, with the sequel, fans might finally get some of the answers relating to the mysterious characters and story beats of the first game.

3) The gameplay

Like Remedy Entertainment’s previous projects, Control features action-adventure elements with a fairly linear progression.

However, the studio is deviating slightly from its usual linear game design to give players a bit more freedom in how they want the progression to feel.

With 2019’s Control, the studio introduced side quests that, while not required to progress through the main story, provide significant benefits such as: Unlocking new weapons, upgrades, skills, and mods.

The game also has a basic in-place leveling system, but none of the content is tied to any specific level requirement.

The best and most unique aspect of the game is the integration of supernatural powers and shooting. Players can use them together in frantic combat sequences.

The game actively encourages an aggressive playstyle as there is essentially no cover and no auto-healing system. To avoid getting hit, players need to be very mobile during combat, as enemies can easily flank Jesse when he tries to hide.

It is also related to dealing damage to enemies. Players can only restore health from healing shards that spawn on dead or damaged enemies.

The action-packed gameplay and combat systems introduced in 2019 original are sure to be the highlights of the entire experience.

It will be really interesting to see how Remedy Entertainment improves moment by moment the combat and overall gameplay for the sequel.

So that is all we have right now on Control 2 unfortunately there is no release date for the game as of now but we will update you if we get anything relating to it.

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