Def Noodles Twitch Ban – Why is the YouTuber banned?

Def Noodles Twitch Ban – Why is the YouTuber banned?

YouTube Drama sensation Def Noodles got Twitch Ban because of “taste testing” ‘poppers’ on his September 27 stream.

Twitch put out a statement regarding his indefinite ban on Twitch.

In their statement Twitch mentions that due to the “severe nature” of community guidelines Def Noodles Twitch ban will last forever rather than their usual ban lengths of 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

Sharing his ban email on Twitter, the YouTuber did not deny that he had used drugs on stream.

However, he retorted that “Poppers are not illegal in California, in fact, they are sold over the counter. And I live in WeHo!” (West Hollywood).

Taste-Testing Drugs get Def Noodles indefinite ban on Twitch

Def Noodles had been streaming on his ‘DefNoodlesShow’ channel, along with ‘Mark’ from LA Trash TV.

Mark was snorting multiple poppers in a game of guessing their flavors while on the live broadcast.

Following the suspension, Def Noodles shared a clip from the stream, along with the email from Twitch, confirming the ban is indefinite.

Twitch’s community guidelines include drug use under the ‘self-destructive behavior’ section, specifically prohibiting:

  • Use of hard drugs
  • Misuse of legal substances and substances not fit for human consumption (e.g., prescription drugs, whippets, tide pods, bleach)
  • Dangerous consumption of alcohol or other substances that lead to being incapacitated

Just to be clear there are no mentions of any sort of drugs that might be legal in a particular region as these rules basically apply to everyone on Twitch.

The Twitch ban duration of Def is indefinite so in order to get back on Twitch, he needs to be strong on his appeal otherwise we may never see him on Twitch again.

However, Twitch is not his primary content creation platform, before coming onto Twitch where he had 1000 followers before the ban, he was already a huge success on YouTube with over 500,000 subscribers.

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