Elden Ring Erdtree has already burned? Fan finds clues

An Elden Ring fan has found clues revealing that Elden Ring Erdtree has already been burned before.

An Elden Ring player found a clue in Volcano Manor that reveals some unknown information about the famous Erdtree.

According to him, the tree has already burned before.

Elden Ring was recently awarded as the most prestigious Game of the Year title at the Game Awards, surpassing some of the most popular games like God of War, Ragnarok, and Horizon Forbidden West.

The main reasons behind the phenomenal success of Elden Ring are its addictive gameplay, interactive open world, and intense combat. Creatures like the mighty ErdTree.

The Tree is considered one of the central figures of the Elden Ring and serves as a symbol of the dominance of the Golden Order in The Lands Between.

According to Elden Ring lore, Erdtree is the physical presence of the Golden Order itself, and in order to go into a new era every player must destroy this humongous tree.

However, the ErdTree is nearly indestructible and requires a special item to complete the task.

But surprisingly, an Elden Ring player found a clue that the giant tree had burned before.

Elden Ring ErdTree has been burned before

Reddit user MostAbsoluteGamer uploaded an image to the Elden Ring subreddit showing a mural in Volcano Manor, a unique legacy dungeon in the Elden Ring in which players are tasked with slaying the Misty Rebels from other worlds.

Remarkably, the painting depicts the mighty Earth Tree burning in flames and glowing a dark red, quite different from its natural golden colour.

This painting in Volcano Manor has given rise to many new Elden Ring theories, some of which are well-founded.

Volcano Manor is the seat of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, a shard wielder known for his hatred of the Golden Order and attempts to overthrow it in the past.

The two best-received fan theories about the painting are that the ErdTree burned down a long time ago, while another theory has it that the painting simply reflects Rykard’s dying desire to see the ErdTree burn.

Elden Ring’ Slore does not mention the destruction of the ErdTree prior to the events of the game, nor have the developers said anything about it.

If the first theory about the burning of the ErdTree long ago is true, it raises more questions than it answers.

Some fans believe the painting may be related to Knight Bernahl and his maid, who also once attempted to burn down the ErdTree.

It’s safe to say that Elden Ring is full of questions and fans continue to find intriguing details in the game world.

An Elden Ring player has discovered a strange landmass near Liurnia, suggesting that there are deeper mysteries to be uncovered.

We will update you if anything further regarding this reveals.

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