Fortnite indefinite Bounce glitch: Shockwave hammer gives players a new ability

Fortnite indefinite Bounce glitch, a fan finds a new glitch featuring the shockwave hammer allowing players to bounce indefinitely.

A Fortnite player encountered a bug when using the shockwave hammer which is allowing players to bounce around the map endlessly.

Once Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 was released and the trailer was released, fans already had a pretty decent idea of what is going to happen once the matchmaking was enabled and they could become active again.

One of the highlights of the season’s trailer was Geralt of Rivia wielding the new Shockwave Hammer, swinging it around and bouncing it toward enemy players to unleash its ferocious power on them.

This was the first look at this completely new weapon type, and while it looked exciting and made players want to try it out, it also made them fearful of how powerful it could be when used against them.

Although the Shockwave Hammer spawns more abundantly in certain areas of the island, Epic and Legendary rarities can be found all over the place.

Fortnite Shockwave Hammer indefinite Bounce glitch

When it comes to the introduction of the Shockwave Hammer to Fortnite, the community appears to be divided.

Some people love it and believe it adds balance to the game, while others despise it and believe it is too powerful.

This debate became even more heated when a fan discovered a bug that caused them to bounce indefinitely when using the hammer. If the player is holding a Shockwave Hammer near a body of water, it appears that they can use the Bounce option right when the hammer touches the water to make it jump indefinitely.

As a result, whenever they press the Jump button, instead of jumping, they will bounce, just like they would with the hammer. This will not even activate the cooldown that was intended to occur.

Even if some Fortnite players dislike the Shockwave Hammer, it is still one of the best weapons available this season.

It could, however, be vaulted in the future, not only because of technical issues but also because of how strongly the community feels about it.

Ultimately, despite its competitive nature, Fortnite is intended to be enjoyable for all players.

Epic Games works hard to make it both innovative and balanced so that every player can enjoy it.

The Shockwave Hammer’s future is unknown, as is how long it will be available outside of Creative Mode.

Other items have been quietly removed from Fortnite due to controversy, and the Shockwave Hammer could be next.

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