Get ready to groove in the streets of Somerville! Porchfest 2023 is here with over 350 musical acts and artists!

Get ready to groove in the streets of Somerville! Porchfest 2023 is here with over 350 musical acts and artists!

Tomorrow marks an auspicious occasion in Somerville as the highly anticipated Porchfest 2023 descends upon the city, boasting a staggering 350 plus musical acts and an array of artists poised to perform on the front yards, stoops, and open garages, and of course, the eponymous porches scattered throughout the urban landscape.

Porchfest is not your typical music festival. It eschews the conventional stage setup, concession stands, and portable toilets. Instead, it is a decentralized event where a multitude of bands perform in pockets throughout the city. Attendees can get up close and personal with the artists while traversing from porch to porch and savoring the eclectic musical buffet.

Last year, the festival boasted over 200 acts from various genres. This year’s event promises to be even more impressive with over 350 musical groups scheduled to perform. The festivities commence at noon in the western section of Somerville (west of Willow Avenue). The performances between Willow and Central Street start at approximately 2pm, and the eastern section shows begin at 4pm.

The festival’s map could aid in navigating the event. However, the real beauty of Porchfest lies in letting one’s ears guide the feet from one porch to the next. The musical options are endless, and everyone who’s anyone in the Boston music scene is expected to make an appearance. Some notable acts include rockers 83 in a Minivan, indie band Austin Wiley and Infinite Sleepover, hip-hop and techno artists Bell System and Friends, folk singer Christina Lacoste, and bluegrass enthusiasts the Incorrigible String Band, to name but a few.

The Somerville Arts Council organizes the monumental lineup and urges attendees to respect the nearby property, adhere to the sidewalks, and abstain from public drinking. Since the performances primarily take place on private premises, it’s the responsibility of residents to notify their neighbors and ensure that their hosted musicians demonstrate proper decorum.

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