How much Twitch does Amournath owns?

How much Twitch does Amournath really owns? Amournath is one of the streamers who invest some part of their Twitch income into other businesses to grow their wealth. However, shockingly Amournath has over $2 million invested in Amazon, Twitch’s parent company.

Amouranth is a top Twitch streamer, and as such, she does quite well for herself. This streamer earns millions of dollars per year thanks to her tens of thousands of Twitch subscribers and OnlyFans profits.

She’s been extremely upfront about how she invests her money, stating that she’s put her money into a wide range of ventures, the strangest of which is likely to be the purchase of many gas stations.

It has also been disclosed that Amouranth has made significant investments in Amazon, the business that controls Twitch.

While Twitch is only a minor part of Amazon, it’s still worth noting that she’s investing in the platform that catapulted her to fame.

So exactly how much Twitch does Amournath owns?

Amazon is a pretty safe investment because it has global reach and is worth billions of dollars.

They also control Twitch, the largest streaming platform on the internet.

In 2022, millions of streamers went live on Twitch, with Amouranth ranking in the top percentile in terms of viewership and total popularity.

After years on the platform, Amouranth has chosen to invest in the platform itself, its future, and Amazon as a whole.

She reported that she had purchased 23,600 shares of Amazon stock for around $2 million.

In the big scheme of things, two million dollars worth of stock in a corporation worth over a trillion dollars isn’t much.

Nonetheless, she appears to be confident in her investment and has opted to share her latest enterprise with her fan base.

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