How to fix Overwatch 2 map rotation frustration – Community fix

After playing with the most random map rotation in Overwatch 2 the community has finally found a simple trick to fix the Overwatch 2 map rotation frustration.

Blizzard’s new revamp of Overwatch is already bringing back the old Overwatch lovers.

Soon the sequel will be getting a new story addition and some PvE changes. however, players have been requesting some fixes that will make the player experience a lot better than now.

One of those features is Overwatch 2 map rotation fix. Now, a group of players has come together to debate a simple tweak that could alter the game’s map variety.

Community fix for Overwatch 2 map rotation

In Overwatch 2, despite the fact that multiple arenas exist, the player often encounters the same map repeatedly.

To combat this issue a Redditor in the Overwatch 2 community explained “they should bring back all payload maps, but make Timezone variants of said.”

“Night time and day time for instance. Would offer way more variety,” added the Redditor. Many of the maps ported over from Overwatch 1, like King’s Row, for instance, have the same layout but take place at a different time of day in Overwatch 2.

Other players such as Tucci89 have used the opportunity to blast Blizzard’s map inclusions: “I just can’t believe they thought it was a good idea to release a ‘sequel’ with far fewer maps than the ‘original’.”

“I personally think the ‘rotation’ thing is something they pulled out of their ass when they realized they wouldn’t have all the maps converted to OW2 by the release date,” added Redditor Camthur.

Another player shared their disappointment, explaining that it would “be nice if they brought back the maps they deleted too. If they can’t figure out how to balance them then fine leave them out of the comp, but to not even be able to play them in custom is bs.”

Overwatch 2 is soon adding some new content but it is still a question of doubt whether they will be taking this suggestion into consideration or not.

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