How to fix Valorant Black Bars or Blurry resolution?

In this short article, we will guide you through the steps to fix Valorant blurry and black bars and achieve the true stretch resolution so without wasting any time let’s get started.

Okay if you guys want to fix blurry stretch resolution or want to get true stretch resolution or just want a stretch resolution in general and don’t have to do it then you have come to the right article and today I will show you guys how to fix stretch resolution because some of you guys having black bars or just like it’s probably blurry and I’m here to fix that.

How to get stretched resolution in Valorant?

So first of all what you want to do is you want to go to your Nvidia control panel this only works for people who have Nvidia GPUs.

So basically what you want to do, you want to change the resolution, you want to customize and create a custom resolution and then you want to put in what you want.

Here are some resolutions that you can try out:

  • 1280×1024
  • 1440×1080
  • 1280×960
  • 1650×1050

Make a new one like 1280 by 960 and we’re just going to create and test it.

I have tried it so you’re just going to create and test it once you’ve done that.

You can then go and set it to 1280×960 there we are and you actually don’t have to apply it because when you open the game it’ll automatically do it so you don’t actually have to apply it.


So let’s cancel that so you don’t have to apply it.

How to fix Valorant Black Bars?

Moving on now what you want to do is you want to go back to Valorant and then you want to go resolution and select 1280 by 960 where it is there I’m going to press apply.

Now if you guys have black bars in Valorant here is what you can do to fix it.

So basically what you want to do is click on fill because you’re most likely on the letterbox and letterbox makes you have black bars so make sure you’re on fill all right.


How to fix Blurry resolution in Valorant?

The stretched resolution 1280×960 you can see it’s pretty blurry so I’m going to show you how to fix that real quick.

On the Nvidia control panel, you want to go to adjust desktop size and position you want to hit scaling then you want to be on full-screen display this unticks, and then your resolution should be on here as well so most pcs are set to aspect ratio and the full screen will stretch your screen out even more so that’s why sometimes stretch.

The resolution won’t work so you need these settings down okay so if your stretch res is still quite blurry then some monitors just really don’t like stretch resolutions and we’ll just blow it, either way.

I heard some people who go below uh by 1080 so if you go on 1280 by 960 they’ll become blurry but if you’re on 1440 by 1080 then it won’t be blurry.

So maybe try some resolutions by 1080 which is like 1440 by 1080 that’s personally the one I use because it’s just the middle spot.

How to get true stretched resolution Valorant?

Now I’m going to show you guys how to get true stretch resolution because this stretch resolution right now only actually stretches my uh like hood out and not actually the character models so there’s no difference between me going on 1280 by 960 and looking at character and me going on 1920 by 1080 and looking at characters it’ll be the exact same shape and everything so how to get true stretch resolution in Valorant.

What you want to do is you want to go to windowed mode press apply and then yeah this is stretched wow this is crazy I’ve never actually done this but yeah this is like fully stretched first I wonder if your window is fullscreen.


You know that zooms in yes that’s normal now difference so you have to go windowed which does mean your fps will be low and your latency will be higher but that’s how you get true stretch resolution.

Because of how big the character models are and this I don’t think this is bannable, to be honest guys like they can’t detect it or anything all you’re doing is playing in windows mode so if you guys want to change true stretch resolutions you have to set it on here first so from 1280 by 960 if I want to swap by 1440 by 1080 yeah so if we create a custom resolution right here 1440 by 1080 we hit apply and then we go to the game and then yeah it’s on custom see it doesn’t know what it does oh yeah

It’s really input that latency is crazy on this yes so you don’t want to be on custom that is bad because it doesn’t know what resolution once wants us to be on but we want to be on 1440 by 1080 now yeah I’m windowed so this is a little less stretched but yeah this is so clean true stretch resolution that’s crazy.

So that’s all on how you can fix Black bars and Blurry resolution in Valorant while achieving the true stretched resolution.

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