How to fix Valorant Couldn’t update 2022

If you are getting the Valorant couldn’t update error, then we know how to fix it. Simply follow this article till the end to learn how to fix Valorant couldn’t update error.

I experienced this issue a while ago and it says the current update something went wrong with the update even after repairing please contact our player support wizard so they can work their magic to get you a fix.

Actually, guys, this is a Valorant game so I just want to show you guys how did I fix this issue.

Valorant couldn’t update fix

The first step we need to do is visit the Valorant official website play Valorant okay so here what we need to do guys is we need to download the Valorant setup file.

So to do that click on play now and sign in let’s download the game’s installer.

After that go to the downloaded folder.

Now on the next step, you should know where your Valorant game folder is so to do that you need to right-click on the Valorant logo >> open properties >> open the file location.

In this step, we need to run the installer and re-install the game using administrator so don’t click install click the advanced options then let’s locate the game folder >> Riot games >> click install It will start repairing the game so actually, the solution guys to fix the Valorant couldn’t update error is to repair.

That is all on how you can fix the Valorant couldn’t update error 2022.


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