How to fix Valorant not launching error 2022

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to fix Valorant not launching error. Make sure to follow each step carefully to fix this issue.

Valorant is one of the most played FPS games. At the time of writing this article, there are over 753,010 Players Online.

The game features multiple agents having unique abilities which you can use to win rounds for your team.

In a normal competitive match, you need to win 13 rounds, the first team to win 13 rounds will be the winner of the game after winning the winners will get some increment in their RR whereas Losers will lose some RR or may even de-rank from their current rank.

As of now, there are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant. ranks available in the game.

So let’s get started with how you can fix Valorant could not be launched error.

Fix Valorant not launching error

Method 1: Start by heading to the Riot Games folder,  the default location is “C:\RiotGames”.

Go to Valorant >> live >> shooter game >> binaries >>Win64

Scroll down and right-click the Valorant Win64 Shipping application. Open the properties. Switch to the compatibility tab then check the box to disable fullscreen optimizations, apply and click ok.

Try running Valorant.

If the issue still persists then open the Valorant Win64 shipping properties.

Switch to compatibility and uncheck the fullscreen optimization button, then enable the option to run as administrator. Apply, then run Valorant.

If Valorant still won’t launch then remove the administrator permission and continue.

Method 2: Open the start menu, then search for and open “services”. Find the vgc service, then right-click and open the properties.

Set the startup type to automatic, then start the service, apply and close.

Open the start menu. Search for MSConfig and open the app.

Switch to the services tab.

Check the box at the bottom to hide Microsoft services.

Find VGC and check the box to enable it.

Apply, then click Ok. Restart your PC, and the Valorant not launching error should be fixed.

If Valorant still won’t launch then open the start menu.

Method 3: Search for and open the device manager. Open the display adapters heading.

Right-click on your graphics card and choose to update the driver.

Search automatically for an update, then complete any update you have.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card then you can use GeForce Experience to update drivers.

Go to drivers then choose to update. If you don’t have an update then select check for updates.

The express installation should work fine.

Try launching Valorant again.

Method 4: The next solution is to reset Riot client settings.

Open the start menu, then search for run and open the application.

Type %localappdata%, without spaces. Press enter.

Open the Riot Games folder, then go to riot client and data.

Right-click the riotclientprivatesettings file, and choose to rename.

Add a .1 to the end of the file name, then press enter to save changes.

Try opening Valorant and a new settings file will be created.

If the issue hasn’t been fixed then delete the new file, and remove the .1 at the end.

Method 5: For the next solution, open the start menu. Search for power and open the power & sleep options.

Click additional power settings from the side. Select high performance or ultimate performance if you have the options.

The option may be hidden in the additional plans options.

Click “Change plan settings” from the side. Change advanced power settings.

Open the processor power management options, then go to minimum processor state.

If the minimum processor state is set to 100 then lower it to between 10 and 30.

Set maximum processor state to 100. Apply and click ok. Launch Valorant and see if the issue is fixed.

Next, remove any overclocking you have on your PC.

If Valorant still won’t open then open the start menu.

Method 6: Search for graphics settings, then open it. Set the drop menu to the desktop app or classic app, then press browse. 

Go to the Riot Games folder

Go to Valorant >> live > shooter game >> binaries >> then win64.

Select the Valorant Win64 Shipping application, then click add.

Click options, then set the preference to high performance and save.

Try Valorant again.

Next, open the start menu.

Search for the control panel. Open the application.

Set view by category, then choose to uninstall a program. Search for “Riot Vanguard”.

Select Vanguard, then click uninstall. Confirm and uninstall.

Launch Valorant again and Vanguard will be reinstalled. Play and you’ll be asked to restart your PC. 

This will fix your Valorant not launching error.

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