How to get all shop components in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact all shop components, the new event ‘Of Ballads and Brews’ is allowing players to create their very own shop in the Charity and Creativity game mode. And here is every shop component that you can collect to decorate your shop.

These components are scattered around the Mondstadt inform of Fecund Blessings treasure chests.

Currently, there are only two out of the three tiers are unlocked in the Fecund Blessings game mode, and players can search for all Fecund Hampers for various rewards, including some decorations for their shop.

However, only nine of all the hampers contain decorations for the shop.

All 9 shop components location in Genshin Impact

Behind the Stage


The first Fecund hamper in Genshin Impact that drops items from the shop is just backstage in the Wine Market in Springvale.

This chest gives a shop ornament called Waiter’s Bird, which can be hung in front of the shop.

Behind Angel’s Share


Next, teleport to a waypoint in Mondstadt City, head to Diluc’s Angel’s Share tavern, and head to its back door to find the next chest.

The ornament here is a display case that goes to the front of the store.

Below Barbatos’ statue


The third Fecund Hamper given by a shop ornament is near the gigantic statue of Barbatos in front of the Cathedral.

The reward here is called “A Basket of Scents”, a flower basket full of blue flowers.

Near Ellin


Moving on to your next chest you need to teleport to the waypoint at the top of Knight of the Favonius Headquarters and head west to the training camp.

There is a chest in the shop near Ellin that contains a scenery accessory for Genshin Impact players.

Behind a souvenir shop


Cyrus had prepared a shop decoration as a gift in the Fecund Hamper behind Marjorie’s gift shop.

The location is close to Katheryne and the Adventurers’ Guild.

The chest contains “Orderly Queue”, a trinket that can be hung in a prominent place in the shop.

On top of the windmill


In order to find the next chest, you need to move to the windmill south of Knight of the Favonius headquarters allows players to climb or slide to the top of a windmill to find the Fecund Hamper prepared by Beatrice.

The adornment of the store here is a Cider Lake Blue rooftop.

Top 3 shop components location in Genshin Impact

Near an old cart


Genshin Impact players can teleport to a statue of the seven at Lake Starfell and head southwest where they will see a battered old cart.

The Fecund Blessing Chest here contains a clover display on the side of the shop.

Near the enemy camp


From their previous location, travelers can continue walking towards Whispering Woods until they see a hilichurl camp near the lake.

Bennett prepared this gift that rewards players with additional furniture for the display case.

Behind Goth Hotel


The last Fecund Blessing with a shop component is behind the Hotel Goth in Mondstadt. Genshin Impact players can teleport to a waypoint in the city of Mondstadt and head northwest to the hotel to obtain the chest.

So these are all the 9 shop components currently present in this phase of the Genshin Impact Fecund Blessing Mode. We might see many more in the last phase of the game mode so, collect as many as you can for now.

List of all the shop components location in Genshin Impact

  • Behind the Stage
  • Behind Angel’s Share
  • Below Barbatos’ statue
  • Near Ellin
  • Behind a souvenir shop
  • On top of the windmill
  • Near an old cart
  • Near the enemy camp
  • Behind Goth Hotel
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