How to purchase cars in NFS Unbound? – 2022

NFS Unbound is the latest addition to the original Need for Speed racing game series and here is how and when you can purchase cars in NFS Unbound.

NFS unbound is finally available to every racing games fan out there.

To players who have been grinding to become the most wanted in the NFS most wanted title, it will bring back so many memories.

The newest addition features a lot of game mechanics and graphical changes making it more unique from the usual NFS-style games.

The game is more animation based because there are a lot of graffiti and smoke trail lights and many other things.

The game features a lot of narration and background story, in-game you will be able to purchase different cars after completing multiple missions in your career.

However, a player can only purchase a car after the game’s narrative starts.

In order to purchase cars in NFS unbound you need to first complete the Prologue.

How you can unlock cars in NFS Unbound?

As mentioned before, in Need of Speed ​​Unbound you can’t buy a car until you’ve completed the prologue.

You must first go through the new world of racing with Rydell and Yaz, the other two main characters in the title before the purchase option becomes available.

It’s a little frustrating not having access to a car and navigating the scenic open world of Lakeshore City early in the game.

Instead, you have to sit through the entire prologue and go through the opening section of the narrative before a car is available to purchase.

Once the prologue is complete, you can purchase and unlock the car of your choice in Rydell’s garage.

However, not all cars in the Garage will be immediately available for purchase, as many of them lag behind in progress.

Once you’ve made some progress in the game and completed some of the more difficult challenges, you’ll have the option to buy cars from the shop.

So if you were wondering if players can buy cars in Need for Speed ​​Unbound, the answer is yes. However, it takes a while to unlock the feature and even longer to unlock some of the fastest cars in the game. before you can light the way and leave the police in the dust during a chase.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound was developed by Criterion Software and published by EA Sports. The multiplayer game runs on a Frostbite engine and is available for download on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows.

PC Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Ryzen 5 2600, Core i5-8600
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: RX 570, GTX 1050 Ti
DirectX: Version 12
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 50 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Ryzen 5 3600, Core i7-8700
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon RX5700 (8GB), GeForce RTX 2070 (8GB)
DirectX: Version 12
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 50 GB available space

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