Kanjoos Makhichoos Download [300mb, 500mb, & 700mb] Movie Zee5 Review

Kanjoos Makhichoos Download [300mb, 500mb, & 700mb] Movie Zee5 Review

Kanjoos Makhichoos Full Movie Download in HD, 720p, 480p, and 360p: – Kanjoos Makhichoos is a comedy-drama film in Hindi. Kanjoos Makhichoo’s film will be released on ZEE5 on March 24, 2023. Shortly after the Kanjoos Makhichoos movie was released on the ZEE5, it was pirated and uploaded to many torrent websites. Kanjoos Makhichoos can be downloaded for free from there. And you can watch it at home.

So today we will give you a detailed review of the Kanjoos Makhichoos movie and explain why you should not download it from a torrent website. Read this article all the way to the end for a detailed review of Kanjoos Makhichoo’s film. If you find the information useful, please share it with your friends and family.

Kanjoos Makhichoos Download Full HD, HD 720p, 480p, 360p, & 240p (Hd4Hub & Katrimaza)

Vipul Mehta directed and wrote the script for Kanjoos Makhichoo’s film. Deepak Mukut, Srishti Sharma, and Kushagra Sharma produced the film. Pratik Parmar worked as the film’s cinematographer. Soumya Ranjan worked on the film’s editing.

Shantanu Moitra, a Masoor music composer, composed the music for the film. Shantanu Moitra previously produced many Bollywood hits such as 3 Idiots, Lage Raho Muna Bhai, and Parineeta.

Movie NameKanjoos Makhichoos
Released LanguageHindi
Released Date24 March 2023
DirectorVipul Mehta
Script WriterVipul Mehta
Music ComposerShantanu Moitra
ProducerDeepak Mukut
Srishti Sharma
Kushagra Sharma
Star ActorKunal Khemu
Shweta Tripathi
Piyush Mishra
Alka Amin
Rajiv Gupta
Raju Srivastava
CinematographerPratik Parmar
Edit BySoumya Ranjan

Shooting Detail

The principal photography for the Kanjoos Makhichoos film began on September 10, 2021, and was completed in just one month. The film’s production was completed on October 15, 2021. Manly, Rishikesh, and Lucknow were used as locations for the film.

Release Date & Time

Kanjoos Makhichoos Movie will be available on the OTT platform ZEE5 on March 24, 2023. If you have a Zee5 subscription, you will be able to easily watch the Kanjoos Makhichoos movies. If you don’t have a Zee5 subscription and want to watch this movie, read the article all the way to the end. The article contains all of the information about movie downloading.


Cast Detail

Kanjoos Makhichoos will feature the late soul and comedy king “Raju Srivastava’s” laugh-out-loud comedy. This is Late Srivastava’s final film. The film also stars Kunal Khemu, Shweta Tripathi, Piyush Mishra, Alka Amin, and Rajiv Gupta in addition to Raju Srivastava.

Kunal Khemu, the lead actor of the Abhay web series, plays Jamnaprasad Pandey in the film. Sweta Gupta, best known for her portrayal of Golu Gupta in Mirzapur Kanjoos Makhichoos as Jamnaprasad Pandey’s wife.

Actor NamePlay AS
Kunal KemmuJamnaprasad Pandey
Rajiv GuptaN/A
Piyush MishraN/A
Alka AminN/A
Shweta TripathiJamnaprasad Pandey’s Wife
Vikram SharmaN/A
Raju SrivastavaN/A

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Detail Story

The Gujarati drama Saajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo inspired Kanjoos Makhichoo’s film. The director adapted them from the Gujarati play Saajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo and edited them slightly for this film. The film’s story is about a man who used to always save money. Kanjoos was his given name.

Jamna Prasad used to save money so that his parents could go to Char Dham. But he didn’t tell anyone about it. Raju Srivastava, the late comedian, also appears in the film. This is the late Raju Srivastava’s final film. When you see Raju Srivastava in the film, you will feel as if he is still with us. The director has delivered on the film’s promise of comedy. Following the viewing of the film, you will burst out laughing.

Trailer Review

Kanjoos Makhichoos’ film trailer was released on YouTube and other social media platforms on March 14, 2023. The trailer was made available on YouTube through two different accounts (Zee5 and Soham Rockstar Entertainment). There have been approximately 2 million views on this trailer since its upload.

At the beginning of the trailer, Jamnaprasad lights the dhoop while performing Sai Baba’s aarti and, after seeing the dhoop, replaces it. And it is said that Sai Baba does not suffer. This one incense stick is supposed to last a month, and the entire packet should last a year.

Jamna Prasad is seen pressing the finished paste with a rolling pin in the second scene. Jamna’s wife declares that this paste is finished and discards it, but Jamna Prasad responds that the entire family will now clean their teeth with this paste for three days. Jamna’s mother requests that she bring ladyfinger. It only takes ten okra to freeze. Jamna’s stinginess bothered the entire family.


Jamna then shows his family the money he saved by being frugal. And informs his parents that I have set aside this money for his trip to Char Dham. Jamna arranges for her parents to visit Char Dham. After going on pilgrimage, Jamna learns that there was a flood in Kedarnath, and that Jamna’s parents perished in the flood. Until now, the government has promised 7 lakh rupees. When a government official comes to Jamna’s house to give money, however, he only gives her 10 lakh rupees.

Jamna and the politician get into an argument. Jamna then files a complaint against the minister. Will Jaman be successful in his case after all? To find out, you’ll have to wait until March 24, 2023.

Production & Distribution Company

Kanjoos Makhichoos is produced by Soham Rockstar Entertainment and ThunderSky Entertainment, and the film’s distribution rights are held by Zee5.

Soham Rockstar Entertainment, producer Deepak Mukut’s company, is behind the film Kanjoos Makhichoos.

Production CompanySoham Rockstar Entertainment
ThunderSky Entertainment
Distribution CompanyZee5

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When will the Kanjoos Makhichoos film be released?
This film will be released on March 24, 2023. On board the Zee5.
Who owns the Kanjoos Makhichoos Movie digital rights?
ZEE5 has acquired the digital rights to Kanjoos Makhichoos Movie.
Who directed the Kanjoos Makhichoos film?
Vipul Mehta directed this film.
Who is the director of the Kanjoos Makhichoos film?
Deepak Mukut, Srishti Sharma, and Kushagra Sharma produced this film.
Who is producing the Kanjoos Makhichoos film?
Kanjoos Makhichoos is produced by Soham Rockstar Entertainment and ThunderSky Entertainment. What is the movie’s genre?
Kanjoos Makhichoos is a Drama Comedy film.
Who is in the cast of Kanjoos Makhichoos?
The following people appear in the Kanjoos Makhichoos Movie: Kunal Khemu
Shweta Tripathi
Piyush Mishra
Alka Amin
Rajiv Gupta
Raju Srivastava

Copyright Disclaimer

Before Kanjoos Makhichoos Download via any torrent website, please read this first. After that, you can proceed to Kanjoos Makhichoos Download. Downloading any pirated material using Telegram, Dailymotion, or Torrent Movie Downloading Websites is an illegal offence that can result in legal action. A hefty fine may also be imposed on you. The Indian government occasionally banned these pirated websites, but after a few days, these websites reappeared with a new domain. We have neither supported nor promoted these pirated websites. The above information is solely for educational purposes. We do not include any links in this article that promote piracy.

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