KSI demands for Jake Paul fight: Here is everything he said

KSI reveals his demands for the fight with Jake Paul, both of the fighters are rumored to have engaged in negotiations for a fight in 2023.

When KSI and Jake Paul were trying to begin the YouTuber boxing revolution, a fight between both seemed unavoidable. That, however, did not occur.

Even though KSI became the first professional influencer boxer to win, Jake Paul has pushed things to a higher level with fights against Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

The longstanding rivals have repeatedly stated their desire to fight, and recently exchanged barbs during a Twitter Space amid rumors that they’ve been in talks for a battle in late 2023.

KSI Demands for fight with Jake Paul

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, although both teams have hinted at a confrontation in November or December of 2023, and KSI has a number of requests to make it happen.

“Weight-wise, I’d love it to be 176lb, 177lb, but 180lb sounds perfectly fair, maybe even slap a rehydration clause – I know he’d want that!,” the British YouTuber told Mirror Fighting ahead of his clash with FaZe Temperrr.

KSI also stated that it “has to be in the UK” and that he ought to be the “A-Side” of the battle, which means he’d enter the arena last and be the main attraction.

However, he would prefer a “50-50” split of the battle purse.


Jake recently tweeted that he was open to the bout taking place in the UK in December, but he wants KSI to put pen to paper as soon as possible. Otherwise, he’d prefer it to take place in the United States.

The pair have previously stated that they would like to fight in Wembley Stadium, but that would be impossible in December due to the weather in the UK. If they really wanted a stadium show, Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium, which has a roof, might be an option.

After all this time, who knows if the pair will truly trade punches.

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