Mr Beast and Elon Musk collaboration – possible outerspace video

Popular YouTube star and content creator Mr Beast has indicated a possible collaboration with Elon Musk to shoot a YouTube video in Outer space.

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson was recently invited to the Full Send Podcast, co-hosted by Bradley Martyn and Kyle Forgeard.

While in the podcast Mr Beast teased the possibility of him traveling to space and shooting YouTube videos.

When the interviewers asked him about his intentions to do a full fledge expedition in space, he strategically admitted by quoting “Something like that.”

Well, if this comes out to be true and that Mr Beast and Elon Musk collaboration is really going to happen then, this is going to be the biggest stunt he has ever done on his channel.

In the past, we have seen some very extraordinary content from the 24-year-old YouTuber like creating the whole real-life squid game theme and spending hours buried inside the coffin and all the money he donates for charity.

Mr Beast and Elon Musk Collaboration – “Something like that”

While there have been a few stuntmen and eminent persons who have gone into space to make content, a YouTube video from a YouTuber is a mountain yet to be climbed.

Speaking about his space expedition plans, Jimmy suggested: “There’ll be something next year that, yeah…you’ll see something. It’s almost unfathomable”

One of the co-has, Kyle, tolled in by expressing that they have their very own arrangement with Elon Musk. Notwithstanding, the NELK Young men are yet to unveil their desires.

(Video section starts at: 1:42:13)

Bradley additionally alluded to Jeff Bezos’ name among the potential applicants that MrBeast could team up with. After being inquired as to whether his travel plans include the moon, the YouTuber compliantly answered: “Not to the moon, but it’ll be…yeah.”

Well, only time will tell what is going to happen and whether this collaboration is really going to happen or not.

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