MW2 Criticism: Fans Say Indie Games Get More Love

MW2 Season 2 is facing criticism as players express their displeasure, pointing out that indie titles appear to receive more attention in terms of post-launch care. The latest edition in the AAA franchise has been met with criticism and complaints from its players.

Modern Warfare 2’s second season is almost here, featuring new game types, maps, weaponry, and shop stuff.

A new map, a new game mode, and other new features will be added to Warzone 2.

While Modern Warfare 2 will get four new multiplayer maps, six additional modes, and ranked play.

In addition, both will gain 5 new weapons, a new operator, new bundles, and skins.

While this may appear to be a reasonable amount for a seasonal update, some players complain that if recycled material and items that will not be ready at the start of the season are excluded, the list becomes far more barren.

There have also been accusations that the devs are favoring Warzone 2 – a free-to-play title – over the annual installment which cost players’ $70.

MW2 Criticism grows as players claim Season 2 updates as “Fillers”

The game’s community vented their rage in a February 11 Reddit thread, labelling the majority of the content “filler” and alleging that smaller products receive greater support.

“I think you could argue to take out the crossbow and kodachis, as well as Resurgence mode,” pointed out one player. “The POIs are just filler and covered by new map, so they can get blacked out, ‘new exclusion zone’, more filler. As well as gun game, which should have been at launch and is just drip fed modes.”

While players who paid upwards of $70 for the game were not in the mood for jokes.

“I love how the multiplayer content takes up 3 cm of the entire screen,” said one fan. Before another replied to his comment saying: “Yeah, sure am glad I dropped $70…”

Some have suggested that the developers create new content rather than reusing content from previous games.

“The game modes aren’t new, ranked play should have been from the start and the ground war maps are just cut outs of Al Mazrah so none of it is new.”

Season 2 will premiere on February 15. We’re expected to see new content with a mid-season patch later on, similar to the “Season 1 Reloaded” update, but it remains to be seen what Activision decides to do about the player base’s rising concerns.

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