Operation Mayfair Movie Download [300MB, 500MB, & 700mb] Review

Operation Mayfair Movie Download [300MB, 500MB, & 700mb] Review

Filmyzilla 720p, 480p, 360p Download Operation Mayfair:- The film Operation Mayfair is a crime thriller. Which will hit theatres on March 24, 2023. With its theatrical release, the movie Operation Mayfair was pirated on many torrent websites such as Tamilrockers, Vegmovies, Dotmovies, 9xmovies, HdHub4u, and Kutteymes. You can get Operation Mayfair movie download for free by using these torrent websites.

Today we will offer you a full assessment of the movie Operation Mayfair and explain why you should not download it from a pirate service. For a complete evaluation of the movie Operation Mayfair, read this article all the way to the end.

Operation Mayfair Movie Download HD 720p, 480p, 360p Filmywap

Sudipto Sarkar directs the film Operation Mayfair. Along with directing the film, Sudipto Sarkar worked on the screenplay and dialogue. Bhushan Kumar, MD (Managing Director) of T-Series, produced the film. Anthony Khatchaturian, a well-known freelance writer, wrote the story. Sandeep Sethy edited the documentary. Sam Bhattacharya is in charge of the film’s visual effects.

Movie NameOperation Mayfair
Release Date24 March 2023
Releasing LanguageHindi
DirectorSudipto Sarkar
ProducerBhushan Kumar
Vedant Films
Krishan Kumar
WriterAnthony Khatchaturian
Screenplay & DialoguesSudipto Sarkar
StarringJimmy Shergill
Ankur Bhatia
Vedieka Dutt
Hritiqa Chheber
Sneha Singh
Vedant Sarkar
Anjali Sharma
Edit BySandeep Sethy
VFXSam Bhattacharya

Budget & Box Office Collection

The overall budget for the Operation Mayfair films is roughly 25 crores. This is not the whole budget of the film as of yet; advertisement expenditures will be added to this budget. The overall budget for the Operation Mayfair film has not been disclosed. We may assume that the entire budget of the film will be approximately 30 crores. We’ll know whether the film is a success or a flop after it’s released. If you want to discover the box office gross of Operation Mayfair, you will have to wait until March 24, 2023.

Production CostAround 25 Crore
Total Movie BudgetApprox. 30 Crore
First Day CollectionTBA (To Be Announce)
Total Income GenerateTBA (To Be Announce)

Release Date & Time

Operation Mayfair Movie Download will be available in theatres on March 24, 2023. You can watch this film by going to your local cinema and admiring Jimmy Shergill’s performance as a detective.

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For your knowledge, despite the fact that Operation Mayfair Movie is available on Telegram, if you download or live stream this film, legal action may be taken against you under the Copyright Act. We strongly encourage all of its readers to avoid visiting these websites. Also, you can watch the movie in a theatre or on the official OTT platform.

Cast Detail

The majority of the Operation Mayfair films were shot in foreign countries. The majority of the actors in this film are from other countries. Whose detailed information is provided below; for more information, please read this article until the end.

Sonya is played by Indian actress Hritiqa Chheber in the film. Jimmy Shergill is most remembered for his supporting role in the film Operation Mayfair. Chris Wilson, a British actor, played a police officer. Lee Nicholas Harris is another British actor. Lee Nicholas Harris has acted in a number of films, including Tomb Raider (2018), The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017), and World War Z (2013). He played an armed police officer in the film Operation Mayfair. All of the other actors’ information is provided here.

Acor NameIn Role
Jimmy ShergillAmar
Ankur BhatiaKevin Da Costa
Stephanie TrippSarah
Sammy Jonas HeaneyMathew
Chris Wilson Chris WilsonPolice Officer
Cain AidenBodyguard
David SayersFather Dominic
Lee Nicholas HarrisArmed police officer
Bryan LawrenceDouglas
Anjali SharmaMelinda
Vedieka DuttLisa Varma(as Vedika Dutt)
Sarah LockettNewsreader
Amelie EdwardsReceptionist
Kinhikar Ashwini DeoleOlivia’s Aunt
Anna SofiaZena
Bogumila BubiakJournalist

Detail Story

Operation Mayfair Movie is a crime thriller that will be released in theatres on March 24, 2023. The plot of the film Operation Mayfair revolves around a rat and cat murder mystery in London. Jimmy Shergill, winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, plays the lead in the film. Hritiqa Chheber, an Indian actress, co-stars with Jimmy Shergill in the film Operation Mayfair.

In the year 2022, Drishyam 2 was a terrific criminal thriller movie that produced a major hit at the box office, whereas the crime thriller movie released in the year 2022 could not do anything spectacular at the box office. With the exception of Drishyam 2, any crime thriller film might run.

A sneak peek of the crime thriller movie releasing in 2022:-

Breathe Into The Shadows
Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega

Trailer Review

On March 11, 2023, the trailer for the film Operation Mayfair was released on YouTube and other social media platforms. T-Series’ YouTube page has posted the teaser for the film Operation Mayfair. The uploaded video on T-Series gets millions of views within a few hours, whereas the Operation Mayfair movie trailer only has 4 lakh views.

The trailer’s opening scene depicts the murder of a famous London model. The police begin their search for the offender, but no evidence is discovered. And this type of murder had occurred numerous times in London. The police receive no information that will lead them to the perpetrator.


With no leads on the perpetrator, Inspector Sonaya requests that Detective Amar be assigned to the case by the Senor officer. Detective Amar is an Oxford University professor who used to work for the police but left for unknown reasons. The chief inspector invites Aman to re-join the force. And assigns Aman to handle the ongoing murder investigation in London.

Aman instructs the workers to work according to their own schedules. Amar discovers the murderer is left-handed. However, this clue is insufficient to apprehend the criminal.

After all, how will Amar apprehend the criminal? Is there a criminal component? If you’re thinking about all of these things. So you’ll have to wait until March 24th. You can see this film by visiting to your local cinema on March 24th.

Production & Distribution Company

Flame Visuals, Spcil, Handicraft Picture Limited, and T-Series, a firm owned by film producer Bhushan Kumar, are producing Operation Mayfair Movie. T-Series has the film’s distribution rights.

Production CompanyFlame Visuals
Handicraft Picture Limited
T-Series Films
Distribution CompanyT- Series Films

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Vegamovies, like Tamilrockers, is a torrent movie-downloading service that also allows you to download recently released films, TV series, and music. Operation Mayfair Movie Download is also available on Vegamovies in many sizes including 150MB, 300MB, 500MB, 700MB, and 1GB. With the help of Vegamovies, you can download Operation Mayfair Movie in HD quality in a matter of minutes.

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I’ll say it again: Operation Mayfair Movie Download from any website is unlawful. We are not in favour of movie piracy. Also, we asked our readers to download films from torrent websites.

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Tamilrockers is an ancient and popular torrent service that allows you to download new films, TV shows, and music. This facility does not charge any fees; it is completely free. Operation Mayfair Movie Download is also available on Tamilrockers in several forms such as 360P, 480P, 720P, and 1020P, which you can easily download.


When will the movie Operation Mayfair be released?
This film will be released in the Cinema Hall on March 24, 2023.
Who owns the digital rights to the film Operation Mayfair?
They haven’t been decided yet, but they could be the digital rights to Operation Mayfair Movie that Netflix has acquired.
Who is the director of the film Operation Mayfair?
Sudipto Sarkar directed this film.
Who is the director of the Operation Mayfair film?
Bhushan Kumar, Farmcove, Vedant Films, Scipl, and Krishan Kumar produced this film.

Who is behind the production of the Operation Mayfair film?
Flame Visuals, Spcil, Handicraft Picture Limited, and T-Series, a firm owned by film producer Bhushan Kumar, are producing Operation Mayfair Movie.
What is the movie’s genre?
The film Operation Mayfair is a crime thriller.
Who is the cast of the Operation Mayfair film?
The following actors appear in the Operation Mayfair Movie:

Jimmy Shergill
Ankur Bhatia
Stephanie Tripp
Sammy Jonas Heaney
Cain Aiden
Lee Nicholas Harris
Bryan Lawrence
Anjali Sharma
Sarah Lockett
Kinhikar Ashwini Deole

Copyright Disclaimer

Before you begin Operation Mayfair Movie Download via any torrent website, please read this first. After that, you can proceed to Operation Mayfair Movie Download. Downloading any unlicensed material through Telegram, Dailymotion, or Torrent Movie Downloading Websites is a criminal offence that can result in legal action. A hefty fine may also be imposed on you.

The Indian authorities occasionally shut these pirated websites, but after a few days, these websites reappeared with a new domain. These pirated websites are neither supported or promoted by us. The above information is solely for educational purposes. We do not post any Operation Mayfair Movie Download links in this article to encourage piracy.

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