Pokemon go Twinkling fantasy event: Everything we know

Pokemon go Twinkling fantasy event: A new Pokemon GO event will reveal a long-awaited Mega Evolution Pokemon as well as Fairy and Dragon Type Pokemon.

During the Season of Mythical Wishes, a new Pokemon GO event will feature Pokemon that appear in fairy tales and wish for wings in Pokemon legend.

The Twinkling Fantasy event will feature a rise in Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon spawns, as well as the release of a long-awaited Dragon-type Mega Evolution.

The Season of Mythical Wishes in Pokemon GO has featured a regular rollout of events to keep players intrigued.

While Pokemon GO’s New Year’s Event is still in progress, details about the next event are already being revealed, which will see Pokemon’s dreams come true, such as Bagon, whose Pokedex entry mentions it wishing it could fly, and trainers wish for an abundance of encounters with shiny event Pokemon.

Pokemon go Twinkling fantasy event

Starting on January 10 at 8 AM local time, the Twinkling Fantasy event will enhance the spawn rate of Clefairy, Clefable, Togetic, Dratini, Bagon, Marill, Ralts, Vibrava, Dedenne, and Deino.

Shiny Clefairy, Togetic, Dratini, Jigglypuff, Marill, Ralts, Dedenne, and Deino may be found in the wild by lucky players.

Extremely lucky players will be able to find Goomy and Noibat in the wild, as well as Noibat’s shiny.

Surprisingly, there will be no wild Togepi, and Niantic has made the shiny version of an evolved Pokemon, Togetic, a potential wild encounter.

Mega Salamence will make its Pokemon GO debut during the Twinkling Fantasy event. Trainers will receive Mega Energy candy for defeating the Dragon/Flying pseudo-legendary, as is customary, and they may even have a chance at a shiny Salamence encounter.

A collection challenge based on the event Pokemon will also award 50 Salamence Mega Energy candies.

Other event incentives include a chance to meet a random Dragon or Fairy Pokemon when taking photos, Double XP, extra candy, and a chance to win Candy XL for Level 31 and up players who catch event Pokemon with Nice, Great, or Excellent throws.

During this period, one and three-star raids in Pokemon GO will largely utilize event Pokemon, but Axew, Druddigon, and Mawile will be introduced to the pool.

Zekrom, who has the ability to know or learn Fusion Bolt, will be the Five-Star Raid.

Additionally, certain Field Research assignments will grant players increased chances to catch shiny event Pokemon.

At the moment, events in Pokemon GO are happening one after the other. When the Twinkling Fantasy event concludes on January 16, trainers will only have a few days before the Larvitar Community Day Classic on January 20, which will likely keep a busy month in Pokemon GO continuing.

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