Read Dead Online Halloween Event – Everything you need to know

Rockstar Games have just released the Read Dead Online Halloween Event update which brings a lot of new content for the players to explore.

The update also brings the Halloween Pass 2, triple rewards on All Hallows’ Call to Arms, and the Halloween featured series.

New Read Dead Online Halloween event Pass

The new Red Dead Online update introduces players to a new Telegram quest called False Hopes and Prophecy.

The quest requires players to investigate rumors of a cult performing a sacrilegious rite to bring back their deceased prophet.

This new mission was Released on October 18, 2022 as part of the update.

Players can also get triple rewards for various in-game quests and activities this month.

Here is a complete list of quests that give players a chance to earn 3x

  • All Skelding’s Hardcore Telegram Missions
  • All Hallows’ Call to Arms modes
  • Halloween-themed Featured Series

The Halloween-themed Featured Series will also change between specific dates:

  • Hardcore Halloween Series 1 (Dead of Night) – October 4 to October 10
  • Hardcore Halloween Series 2 (Fear of the Dark) – October 11 to October 17
  • Halloween Series 1 (Dead of Night) – October 18 to October 24
  • Halloween Series 2 (Fear of the Dark) – October 25 – October 31

Starting today, pre-registered players can continue their Halloween Pass 2 progression right where they left off.

However, In the meantime, new members can sign up and earn exclusive rewards spread across 15 different ranks of the pass.

All players who own the pass can unlock 15 ranks, even if they already completed it last year. You also get the Hired Gun Kit.

Players can find the following items in the Hired Gun kit:

  • Fierro Bandana
  • Bundles of ammo and consumables
  • Capitale, valued at five Gold Bars

But everyone should be aware that all the rewards will be given out to players within 72 hours.

Extra Rewards from the Halloween Event

Players can easily get double rewards from the Read Dead online Halloween event by just participating in some of the events mentioned below:

  • Manhunt Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event
  • The Bluewater Contract
  • Covington Emerald Blood Money Opportunity

And here is the list of all other rewards that players can earn from this event:

  • Two Potent Health Cures per week by logging in to the game each week
  • Participating in All Hallows’ Call to Arms will give defenders 4 Gun Oil
  • Playing the game between October 25 – 31 will give players two Potent Snake Oil, 25 Capitale, and three pieces of Big Game Meat
  • Free Red Mane and Tail options are free for all horses for the entire month
  • 50% discount on Dentistry, Haircuts, Makeup, and Hunting Knife customizations

Meanwhile, this month’s free community outfit includes the following items:

  • Cutter Hat
  • Patterned Bandana
  • Traditional Vest
  • Winford Shirtwaist (Female) or Side Collar Shirt (Male)
  • Avery Gloves
  • Lightfoot Pants
  • Gunslinger Gun Belt
  • Griffith Chaps
  • Lumber Boots
  • Gerden Deluxe Spurs

Players should get all of these rewards till they are present in the game.

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