Spider-Man Remastered PC Review – Is it any Better?

Hey and we’re back with another game review and today we will do the Spider-Man Remastered PC Review, I will give you my first impressions of the game, some pros, and some cons. So lets’ get right into it.

This is the insomniac spider-man game from 2018 that is now officially on pc now it’s on epic and steam so you get plenty of choices, we love that and this port was done by the developers of NYX’s the now sony owned studio that also did.

In the horizon zero dawn port more and more of sony’s games are showing up on pc and specifically here we’ve been digging god of war and death stranding.

And now we have this, sony doesn’t send us stuff early so like some of you guys we just pre-loaded it and we’re jumping in here for the first time for first impressions.

And we’ve also been playing it on a few different devices here so far so okay like it looks good so pc stuff-wise.

Spider-Man Remastered PC Review


You can get ray trace reflections they look good you have a few options.

Nvidia dlss which improves performance on GeForce RTX GPUs if you have it and Nvidia dlaa which is deep learning anti-aliasing.

So improved anti-aliasing for Nvidia GPUs and this is best only if you got a really great card.

Now you also get some crazy screen options ultra-wide 21×9 which is fantastic.

You get panoramic 32×9 it even supports multi-monitor setups.

But, Obviously like we didn’t test that but still, overall we are feeling positive about our performance.

I mean it looks pretty damn good, high default settings on pc are similar to the performance ray trace settings on ps5 and it looks really good.

It is technically better than the ps5 version but it doesn’t look worlds better than the ps5 version unless you dig into the details and if you have the hardware and the monitor to back it up.

And you know what to look for so three things stood out for me that make this look much stronger.

Number one is obvious you know the great ray tracing it looks damn good in spots and is a step above what has been offered previously.

At number two the detail in the distance as someone who has never uninstalled this game on my PlayStation consoles and just kind of endlessly swings around in the game when I’m bored my first swing on the pc version had me going whoa okay wow.

Because it feels like the details way down the streets ahead of you are denser and it makes it all look a little bit more believable.

And then three the resolution obviously takes it a step above the console because it can be uncompromised depending on what your machine is.

Now, this is the most noticeable depending on what type of person you are you know if you love resolution and pixel counting you get your money’s worth here.

All of it is like a better sharper smoother version of the ps5 version and the best part is full rate tracing and 60 frames per second overall our experience has been solid.

With very few frame drops we’ve been using a pc with a recent intel CPU and an RTX 3080.

And also a gaming laptop with an RTX 2070 mobile now there’s full mouse and keyboard support and it’s actually not bad.

Spider-Man Remastered Console Version


You know for this style of game I prefer a controller but yeah it’s a good alternative there’s also steam input support so you can remap controls however you want with whatever you want.

But also there is PlayStation dual sense support so you can use your ps5 controller on pc and get all the haptic feedback effects as if you were playing on the console.

The only downside is that the controller has to be plugged in for this all to work but it’s nice you know, you get the full experience.

And I do actually like the little features on the controller I’ve played the game enough that I’m used to it by now so to have it here does help the experience trust me, now it’s not all perfect though.

We have seen some visual glitches here between the two of us playing we’ve seen geometry go a little crazy in spots for a few seconds a little distracting also ray tracing causes some ugly ghosting very occasionally.

And we’ve seen these weird black boxes appear like here on trash bags that kind of distracted from an otherwise awesome moment in the game.

Spider-Man Remastered Pc Review: Glitches

Now I have also had a few ray trace flickering issues here and there is not much kind of small but all of these are worth pointing out.

I have seen worse glitches pre-launched from some other reviewers but I haven’t run into anything like that maybe the developers are on their stuff here and they’re patching frequently.

I expect issues to improve either way you know again pc stuff is tricky if you’re not like digital foundry level experts everybody’s machine is slightly different so just be warned our experiences have been pretty good.

But you never know and with the options and the power, the photo mode community and the mod community are now unleashed harder than ever.

I expect great things from you people make us proud show me what you got.

Now one place I did really enjoy the game was on my steam deck.

It’s been really nice to hop in and swing on this thing with the settings at a mix of medium and low.

I have been able to maintain a frame rate above 30 you know into 40ish yeah all right not great on paper.

But on the small handheld screen very playable especially during challenging combat moments where it matters the most.

I had no problems and the cut scenes were pretty smooth you know it’s not perfect but still playable and enjoyable just having it on the go is just like a nice special little experience not to get corny.

But it just made me really happy, to be honest, it’s why I bought the game they got me to double dip I’m a sucker and if you can’t tell at this point after talking about this game for years I absolutely love this game.

To be honest I am kind of biased I just love spider-man and comic books and while this game has a few boring puzzles and some open-world.

Playing a spider-man is thrilling from the beginning of this game to the very end.

The boss battles are absolutely incredible some of the action set-piece moments in this game rival that of something like I don’t know uncharted swinging is fun and satisfying combat is pretty awesome and can get very challenging with a nice little bit of depth.

Game Modes


Then there’s a bunch of difficulty modes and a bunch of accessibility options and it tells an absolutely awesome freaking spider-man story.

I say it’s up there and if not better than some of the spider-man movie stories yeah they just really get it they really understand spider-man.

They’ve changed his face and it still looks weird and I can’t get used to it as you probably remember the original ps4 game had a very different spider-man character model.

Whatever it was legal issues I’m sure modders will change that too.

But like again what i’m trying to say is that this game just gets it, it gets all of the spider-man things.

So i very much recommend the game if you’ve never played it and you’re a spider-man or a superhero fan.

And along with that, you do get the three DLC chunks that make up the city that never sleeps.

Which gives you more story and more missions and a side adventure involving black cat and hammerhead.

It’s not the greatest it has its moments but some of it is a bit boring for me personally and the way it went with hammerhead was just kind of i don’t know a little dumb a little awkward but it’s not the worst.

It’s more stuff you know it’s more spider-man stuff to play through if you’re itching for it after you finish everything in the game it’s still a good inclusion really.

I’m just glad that pc fans can finally experience exploring this incredible new york city that insomniac built zipping around as spider-man while the sun sets.

Birds fly by trains swoosh below pedestrians shout and bad guys get punched in the face like all of its rules.

And it can look damn good here a couple of little things here and there but we hope it continues to be supported and updated and that’s on the developer side but on the community side we hope we get some cool mods soon.

Personally, I want to swing around as venom so let’s go whoa your gauntlets are all digital now aren’t they have it the way you want a fight let’s fight not too much more to say about this, one it’s kind of simple unless we want to get into frame counting.

Spider-Man Remastered PC Review: Conclusion

So that’s just our first impressions, this is what we’re thinking of spider-man so far but if you jumped in minute one.

If you’ve been on pc and you’ve been waiting to get your hands on this, we’d love to know what you think we’d love to know your first impressions if this is your first time experiencing the game you should definitely share that with us.

Because that’s pretty cool uh if you’re like me an insufferable nerd who has played the game already a thousand times and then just played it again what do you think so far what is your discerning eye see did we miss something here let’s talk about this

Stuff we definitely want to hear from you down in the comments.

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