Take Two Interactive hacked once again – sending malware

Rockstar Games parent company Take Two Interactive has hacked once again, and the 2K support is sending users to download malware.

2K has already issued a warning notice to its users stating that they should be aware of any email from 2K support.

On their official Twitter account, they have pointed out the details of the new breach.

“Earlier today, we became aware that an unauthorized third party illegally accessed the credentials to one of our vendors to the help desk platform that 2K uses to provide support to our customers.”

In the same tweet, they further explain that anyone who has received any email of this nature should instantly block the sender, and just in case the email is already opened they also explain the steps one needs to follow in order to secure their account.

However, during this whole investigation of the breach of Take Two Interactive being hacked, the 2K support will remain offline.

On the end of their statement tweet, 2K support stated that they will continue to release new information to the public and their users in order to ensure they are able to “best protect [themselves] against any malicious activity.”

Earlier this month GTA 6 developing company Rockstar was hacked and according to the news, the FBI will be handling the investigation as they suspect that the same hacker was involved in the UBER hack that also occurred the same month.

After the hack, according to Rockstar Intel writer Ben Turpin reported on Twitter that the company has “lost up to $500M of its market cap.”

And the number is supposed to rise as the situation unfolds. However, the amount is unknown and is likely dependent on the outcome of the hacking scandal.

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