Valkyrae Times Square Billboard: Gymshark Partnership

YouTube Star Valkyrae just got herself a space on Times Square Billboard as the face of athletic wear brand Gymshark.

Valkyrae is currently not streaming too much on YouTube and she is slowly decreasing the monthly streams claiming that: “I’m trying to do other things with my life”.

Although she is already a co-owner of one of the biggest eSports teams “100 Thieves”.

But she is now getting involved in other projects outside the gaming world to expand her career portfolio.

Recently, Valkraye landed a huge partnership with an athlete brand that gave her space on Times Square Billboard.

Incredibly excited to announce I’m one of the new faces of @Gymshark,” says she, in her tweet.

Valkyrae appears on the Times Square billboard

The 30-year-old YouTube streamer announced on September 10 that she’d become the face of British fitness apparel and accessories brand Gymshark.

To publicly announce this deal the fitness apparel brand advertised her face on Manhattan’s Time Square and made her visit Manhattan to watch it in person.

On her visit to Times square she met with a huge crowd of fans already present there to support her, she took a lot of pictures with the fans which were later shared on Social Media depicting how thankful she is.

She said, “Crazy having a meetup that was mostly girls? Hello? So many beautiful women came to see me on such a memorable day for me. Omg. I have never been happier thank you for all the love today! Ahh, I am so lucky!”

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