What is new Defense Matrix in Overwatch 2? No Cheaters allowed

What is new Defense Matrix in Overwatch 2? No Cheaters allowed

Overwatch 2 new Defense Matrix is going to change a lot of things about the game when it will be released on October 1. This new Defense system will ensure that no one can take any advantage by any unfair means (cheating).

In the new system, players will be required to provide their phone numbers while registering for their account on Blizzard.

According to Blizzard officials, this additional information will discourage cheaters from getting involved in any unfair means.

Moreover, this piece of information will be mandatory for everyone to provide.

Blizzard has officially explained everything regarding the working of this new Defense Matrix system in Overwatch 2.

And they have very high expectations of the effectiveness of the system.

So here are all the necessary steps a player needs to take in order to jump into the game without any issues.

Overwatch 2 Defense Matrix System

Overwatch has been a huge success for Blizzard. But just like any other competitive or online game, Overwatch has also been the victim of many Cheaters.

These cheaters use unfair means to get an advantage in the game which makes the game very much unbearable for other players.

However, with this new cheat system Blizzard hopes to turn things around for those cheaters.

The whole process is still unclear but, one thing is pretty much obvious every new player registering on Blizzard has to mandatorily participate in this system.

During the registration process, players will be required to provide their cellular information.

After entering their phone numbers, they will most likely receive a One-Time Password(OTP) to verify the provided phone number.

What is the purpose of the new Overwatch 2 Cheat System?

Blizzard desires to satisfy a few goals with the new Cheat System, and the significant one will be to give an incredible experience to Overwatch 2 players. By enlisting phone numbers, the publisher trusts there will be a breaking point to the misbehaviors in the game.

Considering that the upcoming game is free to play, players can undoubtedly take part in unfair means and pull off it. Regardless of whether their Blizzard account gets prohibited, they can undoubtedly create one more with a subsequent email. Considering that it is so natural to make an email ID, players can keep more than once moving away in the wake of doing some unacceptable thing.

In the following Tweet, the data miner also mentions that you will be allowed to carry over your skin from Overwatch to Overwatch 2.

“Fun fact: Overwatch 2 is free to play and all your previously unlocked skins and cosmetic items from the original Overwatch will carry over into the sequel. Just thought some people should know that.”

According to the new system, your account will be connected to your phone number which will make it a lot harder to make different accounts frequently.

Hopefully, this new system works fine for Overwatch 2 and we may see this system being used in many other free-to-play games.

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