Who is SHiFT? Why is Twitch Streamer getting hate?

Who is SHiFT? Why is Twitch Streamer getting hate?

Who is SHiFt? and why is he under fire? SHiFT is a well-known Twitch streamer and SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom speed runner.

Well, that is not all about him, at the time of writing this article he has hosted a “1,400+ hour-long” subathon, which makes him the 18th most subscribed streamer on the amazon owned platform Twitch.

SHiFT has been trending on Reddit since a clip from his live stream went viral in the r/LivestreamFail subreddit on October 5.

Viewers have been accusing him of “gaslighting and berating” viewers for not subscribing to him.

Top 18 most subbed streamer (SHiFT) gaslights and berates chat for not subbing
by u/greensht in LivestreamFail

In the video, the streamer can be seen asking his viewers to subscribe to his channel, on which one of the viewers comments that he is “begging” for subscribers, then the streamer responds to them by saying that they do not know how the “math works”.

The Twitch streamer then said that he was pleading with his audience to “save” their money.

Why is SHiFT trending on Reddit?


During SHiFT’s speed-running Family Guy no-hit show, the speed-runner asked viewers to subscribe to his channel so he could turn on a two-minute multiplier on the show. He said:

“Okay, come on, guys. Five subs, and we get 50. 50 with a two-minute multiplier. We just need five subs. Five subs in like, a minute! We straight up have like, a minute, guys. We straight up have a minute.”

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He then notices that some of the viewers are commenting that he is “begging” for subscribers, while responding to them he says:

“You think this is begging? I’m telling you guys how to save money! If I wanted to make more money, I’d let you guys drop the combo, and I get the 50 when it’s worth a minute, and we get more subs to get; like, you don’t understand how math works. Okay? You can’t argue with math.”

SHiFT then call outs the viewer who commented that he is begging for subscribers and asked his moderators to ban him while calling him “stupid”.

“Yeah, that’s f***ing crazy! ‘Stop begging!’ I’m begging for you guys to save money. F***king stupid. Ban that guy. Like, if your IQ is that low, then you should not be chatting.”

The minute-long clip ended with SHiFT saying:

“I’m begging you guys to save money. Jesus!”

Streamer explanation on the hate

Just hours after their clip hit the subreddit, SHiFT responded to the allegations during their Subathon Livestream. Another one-minute clip began with him saying:

“Most people who have that opinion, that making money is evil. I’m making lots of money themselves. Like, what popular influencer do you get that opinion from? It’s like, people who actually are struggling to make money, and aren’t just getting f***ing hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, are forced to feel like, ‘Oh, I can’t make money because the big guy who makes money says making money is bad.'”

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The Twitch streamer claimed that the aforementioned thoughts had a “gate-keeping” nature:

“It’s literally gate-keeping. It’s gate-keeping. You get your followers to believe in f***ing bull sh*t, that making money is bad. So they give you all their money because they just like the sh*t you’re saying, and that everybody else who wants to make money can’t make money.”

The clip ended with the streamer sarcastically saying:

“That’s just the play now. Just talk about your guilt. ‘I’m so guilty. I make thousands and thousands of dollars a day. I’m so guilty. Please stop giving me money.'”

SHiFT started its live streaming career in 2016 and saw massive growth in popularity in June 2020. The Twitch streamer currently has 101,479 followers and a concurrent viewership of 403 fans per stream.

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