Why is Asmongold not streaming anymore? Streamer finally reveals

Amsongold is one of Twitch’s biggest streaming star hosting hundreds and thousands of viewers every stream but why is Asmongold not streaming anymore on his main channel? well, the streamer has finally opened up on this topic, and here is what he has to say about it.

On October 3rd, Twitch Star Zack “Asmongold” switched to his alternate Twitch account Zackrawrr to play and stream World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

As Asmongold roamed the streets of Stormwind, he decided to have a serious chat with his audience and explained why he is not streaming on his main channel anymore.

The streamer said he wants to make a video that addresses his issues. He explained that broadcasting live on his main channel is stressful for him and that it’s not a “logical way to feel”. Zack explained:

“It’s like it’s one of those things that is like not a logical way of feeling, and I think that’s probably why it bothers me a lot is that I feel a certain way, and I don’t know why because I don’t think I should feel that way. So it just… It f**ks me up in the head, man.”

“It F**ks me up in the head” Amsongold reveals why he is not streaming anymore

During his October 3rd Livestream, the One True King (OTK) co-founder interacted with his audience as he traversed Stormwind. His eyes caught the attention of a viewer comment from Twitch viewer tools:

“Me and the other 160 people who are still subbed to Asmongold on main account widepeepoHappy (Twitch emoticon).”

After reading the viewer’s comment, Asmongold mentioned that a lot of people are probably subscribed to his main Twitch account right now.

He announced that he was facing issues and wanted to address them via video:

“No, there’s probably a lot of people that are still subbed on the main account. I’ve had problems. Like, I wanted to make a video about it. Kind of like talking about it. It’s like there’s a lot of things about like going live on the main account and everything like stress me out.”

Asmongold described how feeling a “certain way” messed up his head. He also believed that the feelings were “irrational.” He said:

“I’m thinking about just going live on my main channel and just doing exactly the same stuff. Like, that’s kind of what I thought about doing. Maybe just trying to dial a little bit, but not really. And just going back and just trying to enjoy myself.”

He then also confirms that the OTK’s recent controversy had nothing to do with him not streaming on his main Twitch account:

“It has nothing to do with any of the OTK controversies at all. Like, it has literally zero to do with that. I wasn’t streaming before that.”

Asmongold shared a “midlife crisis” after his car broke down, his father got sick and he lost a tooth at an OTK meeting:
“Like, I mean, the big part of it is right, is like, I remember… like the day I stopped streaming on my main account, I had broken tooth and then, earlier that day, I had like, my car and I think my car was getting worked on, and I called my dad, and my dad didn’t answer, and my dad was sick at the time, so it stressed me out. So I basically ran all the way over to his house, which is like miles away.”

The streamer revealed that he broke his tooth while OTK was getting ready to launch their PC-building company, Starforge Systems:

“I’m like, eating my food while I’m in a meeting and I broke my tooth, and it was like the temporary teeth that I had in before they put the permanent ones in, and I just had gone in for permanent ones put in. Like, I hadn’t gone in for six months, something like that, or a year. And it was like, kind of like, okay, everything is happing all at once, and I just kind of couldn’t deal with it.”

“This is also like, at the same time that Starforge… we were getting ready to launch Starforge, and that was like, another point of stress for me.”

Asmongold also mentioned that he turned to live streaming as a means to escape stressful situations:

“So like all that stuff coming together was just like too much for me to deal with. And I usually use streaming as a way to kind of like an escape and like just do or think about something else. It’s not like the internet, basically. And it just was becoming so stressful for me.”

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