xQc kissing nyyxxii on stream after breaking up with Adept

xQc was spotted kissing nyyxxii on stream following rumors that he is still dating his ex-girlfriend “Sammy “Adept” after she was spotted on his stream.

English Twitch streamer nyyxxii showed up at xQc’s house while his Overwatch 2 stream was live.

After arriving at his house both of them chatted a bit on stream and kissed on camera before she left.

He was on Discord along with Damon “Apply”, another retired Overwatch pro who was playing duo with xQc.

Apply suggested ending the stream, implying he should go be with nyxxii.

However, he declined the suggestion to play more competitive matches.

He said:

“No, we gotta play some games. I’m on the grindset.”

Click here to play the clip.

xQc kissing nyyxxii on stream while playing Overwatch 2

Much has been said about the Twitch streamer’s very public split from his ex-girlfriend and fellow streamer Adept.

Juicer fans have been privy to each new chapter of the breakup, including a chaotic public row on stream, a row over who should get the streamer’s expensive McLaren sports car, and an incident where Adept recently showed up at his house to find one of his friends.

Although Juicer may not get his expensive car back, as Adept recently confirmed it was registered in her name, he may already have found a new girlfriend.

During his recent live broadcast twitch streamer, nyyxxii appeared in his room and the two chatted for a bit before kissing in front of their viewers. Twitch chat lit up after the duo kissed.

Before the kiss, xQc played some competitive Overwatch 2 matches, duo queue with retired Overwatch pro player Apply.

Apply repeatedly encouraged him to end the transmission and leave the room, with nyyxxii saying:

“End the stream. If you keep streaming, I will fight you.”

The Juicer refused to stop broadcasting, saying he’d rather play some more competitive Overwatch matches.

Nyyxxii went back into the room to get her phone and kissed xQc again before leaving.

He continued to play Overwatch on stream. for the next six hours.

Although it is not yet known how serious the relationship between xQc and nyyxxii is, it seems that Juicer has overcome his breakup with Adept as they haven’t been together for a long time.

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